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We love live music!

Experience our award winning Thai Tapas together with great live music on our popular Koh:Live acoustic nights in each of our restaurants… and remember to make a reservation!

Meet our musicians:-

Katie Francesca
Mellow vocals - Smooth Jazz - Acoustic Live Lounge - Electro Jazz Beats

Katie's mellow vocals provide the perfect soundtrack to your Thai Tapas experience. Performing solo, she incorporates a selection of smooth covers by artists such as Amy Winehouse and Norah Jones, with her more personal electro jazz set towards the end of her set, which suits Koh to a T.

We're proud to have had Katie Francesca as our resident singer for the last 3yrs, and you can find her performing every Tuesday in Koh Bath, alternate Wednesdays in Koh Boscombe and alternate Thursdays in Koh Bournemouth.


Lucy Kitchen
Lucy is a Southampton based singer-songwriter; a self confessed 'folky-bird' who draws influences from the likes of Joni Mitchell, Mazz Star and Bon Iver to name but a few. She crafts delicate and haunting songs, which are intimately sung and backed beautifully by her intricate guitar playing- We love her sound. Find Lucy performing with us alternate Wednesdays in Koh Boscombe and Koh Southsea.


James Tattington - Fugitive Orchestra
We were lucky to discover James when we opened Koh Southsea. His music combines Jazz, Blues, Folk and Alternative and he draws inspiration from the likes of Tom Waits, Jeff Buckley, Katie Bush and Paul Simon. He began performing as 'Fugitive Orchestra' after reading a passage in a J.G. Ballard novel and he's building a great fan base in Portsmouth.


Richie Quain
Richie Quain is a deeply talented singer, songwriter and guitarist from Bournemouth who has had a passion for music for many years. Richie is the lead vocalist and guitar in a band called ‘Richie Quain Trio’ but performs at Koh as a solo artist. Richie effortlessly fills the restaurant with his varied set of chilled out acoustic covers from many different genres. His edgy rock and roll voice is soft and gives off a relaxed vibe.


Selma Adzem
Selma Adzem is a singer/songwriter from Bosnia who moved to England in 2010 to establish herself as a solo artist. Selma’s soft but powerful voice is beautiful and elegant and shines best in her original music. Songwriting is a huge passion of Selma’s which only developed since moving to the UK and she recently released her first album with her house band called ‘Selma & The Sound - Special To Me’.